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About Me Hi, I'm Denise, and I'm a paperholic. As a writer, I need plenty of paper for my creative process. But all that paper costs me; it consumes my time, my attention, and my workspace. Silently, stacks of paper steal my focus, challenging my ability to create consistently.
Enough, already! Those piles have got to go. Come on, join me. Let's explore the possibilities and the pitfalls of a paperless life together.

A paper diet for the New Year

This year, I’m actually fairly happy with the readout on my bathroom scale. But it’s January 1st, and I am still going to start a diet: a paper diet. Because over the years I’ve accumulated so much paper that I can no longer walk through my home office comfortably.

It’s everywhere: There are piles on my desk, stacks on the counter and storage boxes on the floor. The closet, cupboards, cubbyholes and filing cabinet are all bursting with paper. Filing never seems to make my priority list, and finding what I need when I need it takes far too long.

Getting my work done in a space full of clutter is such a chore that I often opt to work at Starbucks, my satellite office, where I can concentrate without all the visual distraction that surrounds me when I’m seated at my own desk.

This has got to stop. (more…)

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