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About Me Hi, I'm Denise, and I'm a paperholic. As a writer, I need plenty of paper for my creative process. But all that paper costs me; it consumes my time, my attention, and my workspace. Silently, stacks of paper steal my focus, challenging my ability to create consistently.
Enough, already! Those piles have got to go. Come on, join me. Let's explore the possibilities and the pitfalls of a paperless life together.

Musician rocks with a paperless sheet music library

Jason rocks.

To hear his tunes, check out his website. To watch him convert walls of music books and drawers of files from paper to digital, have a look at his video. Here you go.

I love the part where he dumps all the paper out after he completes his project. And his comments about what he’s going to keep in all those empty drawers and display on all those newly available shelves. (more…)

When small change is a big deal

The average American used 663 pounds of paper in 2006. No wonder I feel like the paper flow in my life is unmanageable!

This video raises some good points about our paper usage. And it illustrates how much of a difference we can make by changing some of our paper consumption habits.

What small change in your paper usage could you make that might have a big payoff?

Why FILE is a four-letter word

photo: flickr/curiousyellow

I hate to file.

It’s not that I reject the whole concept of filing, it’s just that filing never seems important enough to float to the top of my to-do list. That’s probably why I have stacks of paper everywhere.

Now, don’t misunderstand: I do have paper files. It’s just that I don’t make the time to maintain them. So, if I filed it long, long ago, and it’s recorded in my Paper Tiger filing software, I can retrieve it in a matter of minutes. But since I don’t devote time to routine maintenance of my paper files, most things simply sit around in a collection of boxes and bins. I know they’re there—somewhere—but I can’t put my finger on them when I want them, so it’s not a good way to work.

Living a paperless life is going to change all that. (more…)

10 selfish reasons to go paperless

photo: flickr/okreitz

There may be as many reasons for going paperless as there are people who attempt it.
Here are some of mine.

  1. to reduce my stress level
  2. to become better organized
  3. to increase my productivity
  4. to increase my creativity
  5. to increase my sense of peace and well-being
  6. to have a tidier space in which to work
  7. to avoid having to file papers
  8. to be able to search everything effortlessly
  9. to be able to retrieve my information while away from the office
  10. to protect my information in the event of a disaster

I’m sure you’ve noticed that I haven’t listed any oft-cited going-green benefits. (more…)

Paperless magazines are even more glossy

We’ve all been counting the days until Apple is expected to debut their tablet, and the anticipation is almost unbearable. Rumors and info leaks notwithstanding, until now I’ve been at a loss to imagine how such a tablet might work.

Feast your eyes on this. While this is clearly represents Bonnier’s work, not Apple’s, it illustrates one possible vision for digital magazines in the near future. (It takes a minute for them to get to the good stuff, but, believe me, it’s worth the wait.) You can follow more of the discussion on Bonnier’s R&D site.

Mag+ from Bonnier on Vimeo.

How would you like to have one of these to peruse with your morning coffee? Would you lament the demise of your favorite magazine if you could still enjoy the content in a digital format this rich and engaging? Are you nearly overcome with buyer’s remorse for that Kindle or nook or Sony Reader you’ve been enjoying?

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