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Wait a minute, Mr. Postman

Remember when getting mail was fun?

You may have to hop in the Wayback Machine to revisit your childhood memories to recall when mail meant birthday cards and party invitations. Today, your home mailbox and mine are most likely filled with not-so-sweet sentiments: bills, notices, and junk mail in every conceivable format.

What if the mail fairy could wave her magic wand and bring back the childhood glee?

While they can’t guarantee the daily trip to your snail mailbox will be all fun and games, Zumbox—the world’s first and only paperless postal system—can certainly make it a lot less irritating.

Your street address already has its own Zumbox. Take a look at how it works:

Not sure you want to take the paperless plunge? No worries. You can continue to receive a paper version of the mail along with the Zumbox mail version. And did I mention it’s free? Here are the particulars… (more…)