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Paperless: So easy it’s child’s play

Not only can your youngsters outpace you on the keyboard. When it comes to processing mountains of paperwork, they are fearless. Watch as John’s little daughter deftly digitizes paper that routinely intimidates grown-ups. And her daddy’s visibly relieved that he no longer has to rifle through metal filing cabinets full of countless file folders to find a misplaced invoice or business card.

Scansnap + Evernote = Child’s play

What have you scanned today?

Couple most likely to succeed
in taking you paperless:
ScanSnap s1100 + Evernote

It’s not always the biggest or the fastest that wins you over. Sometimes you just want the one that’s easiest to get along with. Or the one that makes you smile.

That’s why, when it comes to the couple most likely to succeed in taking you paperless, the winner is…
ScanSnap s1100 + Evernote.

It may not be the most sophisticated solution, but going paperless with ScanSnap s1100 + Evernote is easy, easy. easy. So easy, in fact, you could delegate your scanning to a munchkin. Here’s how it works:

- INSERT paper into front of scanner and watch scanner grab it firmly
- PUSH cool blue illuminated button to SCAN
- WATCH paper move through scanner
- PUSH cool blue illuminated button to STOP scanning
- CLICK Evernote PDF icon on ScanSnap pop-up Quick Menu
- WATCH as text recognition (OCR) is performed on scanned page
- MARVEL as Evernote opens and displays a searchable PDF of your scanned page

That’s it. One insert. One click. Two pushes.

Now toss your no-longer-need-to-keep-this paper in the trash and dance around your desk to celebrate how smart you are. You have discovered to secret to going paperless. Paper no longer controls you.

You can find anything you want. Anytime you want. Anywhere you want. Evernote stores all your information until you need it again. When you do, you can view it from your computer, your smartphone, or any other computer connected to the Web.

You don’t have to name your scans. You don’t have to put them in folders. You don’t even have to remember keywords. Evernote has a very powerful search box. Simply type in any word you remember from your scanned page and Evernote’s photographic memory will display the pages that contain that word.

Told you it was easy.

(If you must complicate this, you can find more details here and here.)

Procrastinate much? Go celebrate!

photo: flickr/svennevenn

Just when you’d resigned yourself to a forecast of gray skies with nary a party in sight, here’s a reason to celebrate:

It’s National Procrastination Week.

We all have reasons why we procrastinate. Good reasons.

I certainly have mine. Chief among them—my PC flashed me with its blue screen of death a few weeks ago. My productivity ground to a halt. I limped along on my laptop and my cell, but since my scanner was PC-only, my paperless quest had to wait.

Until I was able to order a scanner for my new iMac and get back in the business of going paperless once again, that is. Today, I set up my new ScanSnap S1500M and configured it to work with Evernote. It took a little time to get the settings just right, but now I’m ready to give it another go.

I just finished scanning a stack of papers that’s been accumulating on my desk, and I feel so much better! Because if there’s anything procrastinators secretly relish, it’s the magical moments in which we temporarily defeat our foe.

So, if you count procrastination as one of your vices, join in! Raise a glass to the way you’ve perfected this skill over the years.

And then do something.

Order a ScanSnap and plot the demise of your paper piles.

Paperless magazines are even more glossy

We’ve all been counting the days until Apple is expected to debut their tablet, and the anticipation is almost unbearable. Rumors and info leaks notwithstanding, until now I’ve been at a loss to imagine how such a tablet might work.

Feast your eyes on this. While this is clearly represents Bonnier’s work, not Apple’s, it illustrates one possible vision for digital magazines in the near future. (It takes a minute for them to get to the good stuff, but, believe me, it’s worth the wait.) You can follow more of the discussion on Bonnier’s R&D site.

Mag+ from Bonnier on Vimeo.

How would you like to have one of these to peruse with your morning coffee? Would you lament the demise of your favorite magazine if you could still enjoy the content in a digital format this rich and engaging? Are you nearly overcome with buyer’s remorse for that Kindle or nook or Sony Reader you’ve been enjoying?

Find the chocolate chip cookies

photo: flickr/mrs magic

Yesterday, I scooped up a 4-inch thick file and walked it over to my desk. It was a file of recipes.  How appropriate, since we are going on a paper diet.

Excitedly, I grabbed my hubby. “Watch how fast and painless this is!” I said as I slid a stack of 36 pages into the scanner. “Go ahead, push the button,” I giggled. He didn’t even have to think about which button to press because there’s only one; it’s labeled SCAN and highlighted by an inviting blue light. He was amazed that the scanner sucked those pages through so quickly.

As if that wasn’t enough entertainment for him, (more…)

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