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Procrastinate much? Go celebrate!

photo: flickr/svennevenn

Just when you’d resigned yourself to a forecast of gray skies with nary a party in sight, here’s a reason to celebrate:

It’s National Procrastination Week.

We all have reasons why we procrastinate. Good reasons.

I certainly have mine. Chief among them—my PC flashed me with its blue screen of death a few weeks ago. My productivity ground to a halt. I limped along on my laptop and my cell, but since my scanner was PC-only, my paperless quest had to wait.

Until I was able to order a scanner for my new iMac and get back in the business of going paperless once again, that is. Today, I set up my new ScanSnap S1500M and configured it to work with Evernote. It took a little time to get the settings just right, but now I’m ready to give it another go.

I just finished scanning a stack of papers that’s been accumulating on my desk, and I feel so much better! Because if there’s anything procrastinators secretly relish, it’s the magical moments in which we temporarily defeat our foe.

So, if you count procrastination as one of your vices, join in! Raise a glass to the way you’ve perfected this skill over the years.

And then do something.

Order a ScanSnap and plot the demise of your paper piles.

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