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Wait a minute, Mr. Postman

Remember when getting mail was fun?

You may have to hop in the Wayback Machine to revisit your childhood memories to recall when mail meant birthday cards and party invitations. Today, your home mailbox and mine are most likely filled with not-so-sweet sentiments: bills, notices, and junk mail in every conceivable format.

What if the mail fairy could wave her magic wand and bring back the childhood glee?

While they can’t guarantee the daily trip to your snail mailbox will be all fun and games, Zumbox—the world’s first and only paperless postal system—can certainly make it a lot less irritating.

Your street address already has its own Zumbox. Take a look at how it works:

Not sure you want to take the paperless plunge? No worries. You can continue to receive a paper version of the mail along with the Zumbox mail version. And did I mention it’s free? Here are the particulars…

If, like me, you’ve decided to go on a paper diet this year, Zumbox can certainly help reduce the volume of paper that you bring into your house.

How do you feel about this alternative to paper mail? Would you be willing to give it a try?

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  • Leah Ingram

    Secure or not, I'd rather deal with my paper clutter in the mailbox than have it go somewhere else. Too creepy for me.

  • Joanne Mason

    It's an interesting idea, but, like Leah, I'd feel a bit hesitant. Plus both my brother and sister-in-law work for the USPS, so I guess there's some loyalty issues! : )

    What I'd like to know is how to get off of junk mail mailing lists and STAY off of them. I have tried a number of methods, but nothing has cut down on the constant deluge of magazine offers, etc.

    Great blog! I'm looking forward to reading more!

  • denisereynolds

    Here are a few ideas for getting off those junk mail lists:

    DMAchoice – Run by the Direct Marketing association, this service allows you to specify the kind of mail you like to receive and block the mail you want to stop.

    LifeLock – An identity protection service, which automatically removes you from large mailing lists.

    Catalog Choice – lets you reduce unwanted mail and choose how you hear from brands.

    Good luck, Joanne!

  • Joanne Mason

    Thank you, Denise! I'm going to check those sites out right now!

    I'm even more inspired, since I just bundled up and went out in the snow to get my mail….yep….all junk mail!

  • ArchieOtto

    Indeed, people don't use paper mail as much as they used to. Now, if you want to send a birthday card, all you have to do is look up one over the internet and send in via the electronic mail. The classic mailboxes have become commercial mailboxes that only hold incentives, bills and general spam. I haven't received a classic holiday card for years :( .

  • Alex

    Thanks for the links! I'm definitely going to send these to friends. We all complain about too much junk mail. I've heard about another service called Volly ( that will help take mail paperless. It's from Pitney Bowes, so hopefully more businesses will sign up. Anyway, thanks again for the links!