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Super scanner to the rescue

Being an early adopter, I can’t even count the number of scanners I’ve owned over the years. In the early 90s, there was the original PaperPort. Next, a handful of flatbed HP scanners, each new arrival sleeker and less costly than its predecessor. Once, when browsing at an airport kiosk, the former CPA in me fell in love with NeatReceipts, and years later I tried NeatDesk, its big brother.

But ever since the Fujitsu ScanSnap swept me off my feet, I haven’t been able to entertain the thought of another scanner.

This baby rocks.

One button. How simple is that?  Take a look at how it whips through a stack of paper (Mac version here) at 40 images per minute. It scans both sides of your paper, automatically straightens crooked scans, rotates images, and eliminates blank pages.

And it turns all your scans into searchable PDF files, right out of the box, if that’s what you want. And that’s exactly what I want. A way to quickly, painlessly, convert my dusty stacks to crisp digital records I can retrieve with a moment’s notice.

Stay tuned to see how easily I can find my document images files.

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  • Barb

    Did you buy from Amazon? I have looked at this in the past. I think I am ready to take the expensive plunge…

  • Denise Reynolds

    Barb, I did not. But Amazon now has a better price on the ScanSnap than what I paid.

    I’ve added links on the right column of A Paperless Life, so you can click directly through to Amazon from here. The black scanner is for PC users and the white one is for the Mac. How very Apple of them!